Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Steganos Safe 2011 v12 Free Download With Serial Number

Steganos Safe 2011 12V  Free Download With Serial Number


Steganos Safe 12 Key features
  • Creates a password-protected virtual safe to store your photos, music, documents, and more. Works like a real safe to protect data — no one can get in without a password. Steganos PicPass lets users click a series of pictures, eliminating the need to remember complicated passwords.
  • Turns your USB stick, mobile phone, digital camera, or iPod, into a digital safe key — just plug it into your computer to open, pull it out to close.
  • Shreds unwanted files permanently and defeats data recovery applications. And deep cleans the free spaces on your hard and external drives — this way your vacation photos aren’t reconstructed in case you sell your computer.
  • Blocks unauthorized access to e-mails with fast one click encryption.

The License You can get on your E-mail

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