Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Problum Resolved after Virus Remove

Sundeep Maan

Run your Computer After Virus Remove Effects
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  • Delete Autorun Files.
  • Custom Run dialog.
  • Fixes
    • Ineffective show hidden files.
    • Ineffective show system files.
    • No show hidden files.
    • No show system files.
    • No Folder Options.
    • No Internet Options on IE.
    • Enable Regedit, Taskmanager, Msconfig and Cmd.
    • Enable Run.
    • Enable Control Panel.
    • Enable Start Menu.
    • Reset and fix Taskbar.
    • Show all drives in My Computer.
  • Management
    • Manage Tasks
    • Manage Sartup.
  • File System
    • Safe Explorer
    • Delete/Show Hidden file.
    • Delete/Show File Have name.
  • Services
    • Prevent Shutdown
    • Prevent Tasks
    • Drives Dog
    • Files Dog
Download This Software
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